Navigating the Next Future

The world is increasingly subject to significant change and while the focus is often on the potential implications of exponential technology developments like artificial intelligence, robotics, adaptive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality for example, political, economic, and social change are also happening at break-neck speed. This range of future forces—together with the fall-out from the Covid 19 pandemic—act on life, society, and business and add to our personal and organisational sense of complexity and uncertainty.

In the past, we have been confident in our predictions about how the external environment is evolving and been able to come to consensus about the way ahead. Increasingly we are far from certain about how the outside world is evolving and are less able to reach consensus about how to proceed. So the question is, how can foresight help us make sense of such a rapidly evolving reality?

In this presentation, futurist Steve Wells will explore the factors driving future change, lessons learned from the Covid 19 pandemic, the role of foresight generally and scenario development specifically in exploring an uncertain future characterised by exponential change, and share four global post-pandemic scenarios featured in the book Aftershocks and Opportunities –Scenarios for a Post Pandemic Future.    

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