Informing Choices Mini-Pod - The Future of Ageing

The recent BBC Ideas video “How safe is it to hack the ageing process?” is an interesting indication that the notion of managing, delaying, or even stopping the ageing process is becoming mainstream. The idea of immortality has been a dream for many people for as long as humanity has existed, but what is the reality of anti-ageing approaches and technologies? Are we really on the cusp of being able to cure ageing?

To consider the future of ageing, my Guest David Wood and I considered:

  • How soon might biohacking to slow the ageing process become mainstream?
  • What are the main technological innovations we might see?
  • Are there challenges in how we might consider the therapeutic benefits of these technologies versus the cosmetic use of them?
  • This feels like a group of technologies that potentially challenge our traditional notions of being human but then again, aren't these developments a continuation of what we have been doing for years to lengthen our lives?
  • How might we imagine these technologies might come to market in the future?

You can listen to the podcast on You Tube by clicking below or on the Anchor podcast platform here

You can learn more about David and his work on
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Image Source: Annca