Foresight Video Shorts 4

It is extraordinary how so much of our lives could be enhanced by the development and deployment of emerging technologies. Some of them might simply brighten our day, others could change lives for the better, while others might help to limit the damage to our world from climate change. This week I am recommending five short videos from Paula Piccard, World Economic Forum, Interesting Engineering, and Tech Insider: 

1. Augmented Reality brings bus stop to life! via Paula Piccard

2. A team from Manchester University have invented a graphene sieve that turns salt water into drinking water. This could revolutionise water filtration and provide safe drinking water for millions of people via World Economic Forum

3. Electric planes, air taxis and other aviation innovations for the next 5 to 20 years via Interesting Engineering

4. Google AI computers have created their own secret language via World economic Forum

5. This expanding furniture would be great for a small living space via Tech Insider 

Image Source: Hans Braxmeier /