Foresight Video Shorts 5

As always we see examples of new and emerging technology playing a potential role in many societal and environmental domains. Increasingly the limit to “what’s possible” with technology, seems to be our imagination. This week I am recommending five short videos from World Economic Forum, Mashable, and GiGadgets:

1.  Sweden could be cashless by 2023 and other countries are following via World Economic Forum 

2.  These Solar Power windows are perfect example of sustainability via Mashable 

3.  This sloth-looking robot is designed to move very slowly to support environmental monitoring of endangered species via GiGadgets 

4.  Could this be when AI replaces humans at creative tasks? via World economic Forum 

5.  This indoor vertical farm grows produce without soil or natural light via Mashable 

Image Source: Hans Braxmeier /