Informing Choices Mini-Pod - The Future of Wellbeing

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us a broadening perspective on health, wellness, and wellbeing. The usual levels of stress and anxiety have been exacerbated as we collectively try to deal with the health, economic, and social fall-out from the pandemic. So is workplace wellbeing enough of a priority in our increasing uncertain and complex world?

To talk about this theme and the wider future of wellbeing, I am joined by Executive Health & Wellness Coach Tayyaba Jordan to discuss:

  • How have health and wellness programs and the requirement for them, changed over the course of the pandemic?
  • What role do you imagine programs will play in an increasingly technology focused world?
  • How does health and wellness factor into change leadership, especially given humans' natural resistance to change and a wide acceptance of the exponential change we are experiencing?
  • What are the critical factors that enable improving wellbeing into the future?

You can listen to the podcast on You Tube by clicking below or on the Anchor podcast platform, here

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Image Source: Gerd Altmann