Informing Choices Mini-Pod - The Future of Coaching in a Digitised World

As our world becomes increasingly digitised, our understanding of how our minds work is also increasing. Part of that understanding is leading to developments in artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, rapid changes in our professional and private lives are in part, based on the march of digitisation across life, society, and business and have highlighted the increasing importance of our mental health and personal wellbeing.

Given this context, what is The Future of Coaching in a Digitised World? To consider this question, I am joined by Craig Forster, a professional Coach to sales leaders and professionals to address:

  • The role that coaching plays in an increasingly digitised world?
  • How understanding how our minds work helps to navigate the rapidly changing digital world.
  • How increasing digitisation might help or hinder coaching practice.
  • The potential for a greater role for coaching in an environment where human skills become increasingly important as transactional skills are automated.

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Image Source: Gerd Altmann