Optimising Healthcare by Optimising People

One of the greatest social challenges society faces is the provision of effective healthcare. Whether the system under examination is publicly or privately funded, the challenges are consistent; how do we ensure each patient is able to access the right intervention, at the right time, in the right place? And how does the system need to flex so that people can make informed health choices before illness sets in … and help enable a society characterised by well managed and even delayed chronic disease, and longer, healthier, working lives?

In this episode of the Informing Choices Mini-Pod, I am joined by entrepreneur and Executive Chairman at Fidesta, Pétur Haraldsson. These were our framing questions for the discussion:

  1. What are the characteristics of the long term challenges facing healthcare systems across the world?
  2. How might some of these challenges be addressed - turning what are mostly systems that care for the sick into integrated systems that help to prevent illness?
  3. How might a person—a patient and a "pre-patient"—experience an optimised healthcare system in the future?

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You can learn more about Pétur and his work by connecting with him as follows:

Email petur.haraldsson@fidesta.com
LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/pétur-albert-haraldsson-112b 
Twitter twitter.com/Peturharaldsson
Website https://www.fidesta.com

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/human-skeleton-human-body-anatomy-163715