Informing Choices Mini-Pod - The Future of Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Agriculture is responsible for nine percent of all Greenhouse Gas emissions in the UK, according to Farm Carbon Toolkit. These emissions are the result of livestock rearing and natural processes, crop fertilisation using chemical fertilisers, materials used to build and maintain farms, energy use of farm buildings and vehicles, transport and distribution during and after growing, soil based emissions from disturbing soils, and waste produced as a result of farming processes. So how might the urbanisation of agriculture change this landscape in the future?

To talk about the Future of Sustainable Urban Agriculture, I am joined on the podcast by Diana Davidson, who helps enterprise develop performance for the zero carbon emissions economy, to explore:

  • What are the critical drivers for the urbanisation of agriculture?
  • What are the specific enabling technologies for urban agriculture?
  • How do you see urbanised agriculture integrating with smart city concepts?
  • How will the urbanisation of agriculture impact rural life and change land management in the future?

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