Recruitment in a Digitised World

The BBC 3 programme, Computer Says No explores the use of algorithm and computer-automated hiring. The automated process could be used to screen CVs and even conduct video interviews. In one example, the programme also looks into the alleged use of automated systems in letting people go.

Questions raised by the programme include the impact on accuracy – and therefore the decisions taken by the systems - of race, gender, emotion, and regional UK accents.

So what’s wrong with traditional recruitment processes and how might we see recruitment evolve in the future? To discuss this question, I was joined on the podcast by Director and Co-Founder of Working the Future, Cat Barnard.

We discussed:

  1. The existing characteristics (pros and cons) of the current recruitment process.
  2. The potential risks of taking people out of the loop and using technologies like AI, ML, and facial recognition being used in recruitment.
  3. What an effective future recruitment process might look like.

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