Political Entrepreneurship

Politics can be defined as activities associated with decision-making in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals and groups including the distribution of resources or status. Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of value entailing change, and the risk encountered in starting up or conducting business.

So how might entrepreneurial thinking play a role in the future of politics? How might Political Entrepreneurship support policy development, implementation of local initiatives, and support wider public engagement with political processes?

To discuss the future of Political Entrepreneurship, marketing consultant, writer, and futurist with a keen interest in the future of politics Michael Mascioni joins me on the podcast.

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You can learn more about Michael and his work by connecting with him as follows:
Email mmmascioni@aol.com
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Michael's new book on Political Entrepreneurship will be published in 2022.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/capitol-building-washington-state-2212135/