The Future of Food in 2035

The future of food – and particularly of meat and meat consumption – can be promoted as a “no choice” future with plant-based meat as the only viable option for human health, the good of the planet, and animal welfare. But is that the case? Are there other solutions that provide consumer choice and reap the benefits to health, the planet and animal welfare? And when we look into the solutions, what are the wider implications of a fundamental change to our food system in the future?

To explore the future of food in 2035, I am painting a brief scenario focusing on:

  • The New Future of Arable Farming
  • Meeting the Need for Meat - Plant-Based and In-Vitro Meat
  • Tax as Carrot and Stick (to change consumer behaviour)
  •  Supply Chains
  •  Land Use and Re-purposing

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