Foresight Video Shorts 8

Creativity is sometimes thought to be beyond the scope of artificial intelligence (AI) but this week, AI created art makes it into my set of five videos together with robotics. So I am recommending these short videos from UNILADTech, World Economic Forum, and Mashable. 

1. This robot can build a house in just two days. Via UnilladTECH. 

2. As if real snakes weren't scary enough, now we have to look out for robotic snakes. Via Mashable. 

3. Denmark leading the world in climate change commitments. Via World Economic Forum. 

4. This exhibit is filled with art made entirely by artificial intelligence. Via Mashable. 

5. This robot's fingers have joint-like wires allowing it to mimic human hands in real time. Via Mashable. 

Image Source: Hans Braxmeier /