Informing Choices Mini-Pod - The Future of Intelligent Foresight Systems

As our world becomes ever more uncertain with exponential change punctuated with ever more disruptive events, enterprise, governments, and third sector organisations are trying to come to terms with creating resilient and flexible policy and strategy. Given that challenge, what role might foresight play in supporting this work? And particularly, what might the role be of intelligent systems to enhance human capability?

To discuss the Future of Intelligent Foresight Systems, I was joined on this podcast by entrepreneur and CEO of Finland-based FIBRES Online Panu Kause. We explored:

  • How enterprise is exploring foresight in light of the uncertainty created by the pandemic.
  • How applications such as FIBRES support the growth of collective intelligence.
  • The future system developments that might enhance collaborative foresight work.
  • The degree to which foresight generation may become automated in the future.
  • The role foresight can play in the future of leadership.

You can listen to the podcast on You Tube by clicking below or on the Anchor podcast platform, here.

You can learn more about Panu by searching for his “unique name” or by going to the FIBRES website at

Image Source: Gerd Altmann