Foresight Video Shorts 12

Robots typically feature in this Video Shorts series, and this week is no different with an incredible shape-shifting example. This time, we also look at a number of sustainability related examples, and the potential concern of supercomputers creating their own language. The videos are from Mashable, World Economic Forum, WasteEd, and Digital Trends.

​1. This reconfigurable robot is able to change its entire body shape on a link-by-link basis. Via Mashable. 

2. Google AI supercomputers have created their own secret language. Should we be worried? Via World Economic Forum. 

3. You can soon start booking carbon-free trips in this fully electric flying taxi. Via WasteEd. 

4. 95% less water and 99% less land — is intelligent agriculture the future for farming? Via Digital Trends. 

5. Charging forward - Learn more about Britain's plans to reach net zero emissions. Via World Economic Forum. 

​Image Source: Hans Braxmeier /