Informing Choices Mini-Pod - The Future of Childhood

It can be very easy to focus on the future of business, enterprise, and work. Or on the future of adult society, but other than considering how education may development in the context of our every more digital world, it is much more unusual to consider the future of childhood. It is perhaps a somewhat tired phrase, but if children are our future, why isn’t the future of childhood more readily considered? Today we will do just that.

To discuss the Future of Childhood I am joined by futurist at Partners in Foresight Alex Whittington, and strategist, futurist, and author of the interactive foresight book Choose Your Own Future Joana Lenkova on the podcast.

Part of the discussion in this podcast relates to the Five Kids From The Future article written by Cathy Hackl and featuring Alex and Joana, published by ForbesFollowing on from the article, you will be able to join Alex, Joana, and Cathy Hackl for a one and a half hour workshop and envision the future of childhood. Click here for more information. 

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