Geopolitical Fall-out from the Russia / Ukraine Conflict

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24th February 2022, the world changed. The fall of communism and the Soviet Union had meant the end of the Cold War and Russia began to find its place in a new world order. But the unprovoked attack on Ukraine has sent the world generally, and Europe specifically back into an antagonistic relationship with Moscow, with punishing sanctions undoing decades of “normalisation” between the West and Russia. For now, it has also largely reunited Europe and the NATO alliance, perhaps an achievement that some in the West could only have dreamt of, until Putin’s actions!

The question is, how might the fall-out from the conflict in Ukraine change the future geo-political landscape? To discuss this question, I was joined on the podcast by Futures Platform’ Senior Foresight analyst Max Stucki.

In our discussion we explored:

  1. The broad future geopolitical implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 
  2. Different scenarios that might follow the conclusion of hostilities. 
  3. The ability of the post-conflict world to tackle major global issues such as climate change.

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