Three Possible Futures—Choose Your Preferred Story

Humans have a habit of wanting to go back to the familiar in times of crisis and resist radical change. But while resistance to change may be a natural response through the function of our limbic system, the current crisis is a wake-up call for society to reconsider existing norms, societal systems, and lifestyles, and explore how we might build a better future.

Joana Lenkova is a strategist, futurist, author of the interactive foresight book Choose Your Own Future, and a contributor to the Fast Future book, Aftershocks and Opportunities 2 - Navigating the Next Horizon. In this podcast, Joana takes us through her three provocative scenarios; A Brand New World, My Own Personal World, and A Hot New World, and explores the benefits of using futures thinking to help create a better future world.

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For information about the book Aftershocks and Opportunities 2 – Navigating the Next Horizon see the Fast Future website.

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