Foresight Video Shorts 13

It’s been a while since we last featured a set of Foresight Video Shorts but here we are with waiting, cooking, and driving robots, self-healing concrete, and smart clothes, demonstrating that evolving technology has the potential to impact widely across life, society, and business.

The videos are from Cheddar, Mashable, Gigadgets, and Digital Trends.

1. These robots are serving up drinks in Spain. Via Cheddar.

2. This self-healing concrete lasts for 200 years and self-activates if damage occurs Via Mashable.

3. These smart clothes will grow with your child! Via Mashable.

4. Automatic cooking robots for restaurants. Via Gigadgets.

5. This is a robot that can drive your vehicle for you! Via Digital Trends.

Image Source: Hans Braxmeier /