The Future of Active Transhumanism

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Transhumanism can be described as “the theory that science and technology can help human beings develop beyond what is physically and mentally possible at the present time.” It asserts that “with all the new technologies available, mankind will be able solve every challenge it faces.”

But as we have seen in the past, in the hands of humans, waves of technological change can deliver both positive and negatives to society.  So what are the considerations and choices that as a society we need to make to ensure a sustainable and equitable future for humanity in an increasingly technological enabled and technologically driven world?

To discuss the Future of Active Transhumanism, futurist speaker, analyst, commentator, and author David Wood joined Steve Wells back on the podcast to consider:

  • The definition of "Active Transhumanism"
  • The radical transformations that David discusses in his book, Vital Foresight – the Case for Active Transhumanism
  • The oncoming waves of technological change have the ability - in the hands of humans - to deliver either global destruction or a paradise-like sustainable superabundance, and what needs to happen to help steer humanity towards sustainable superabundance, and away from global destruction
  • The characteristics of good and bad foresight, and the implications of each?

Listen to the podcast on the Anchor platform or on You Tube below.

You can learn more about David and his work on LinkedIn, on Twitter, search for London Futurists, and find more about his new book, Vital Foresight – The Case for Active Transhumanism at  

Image Source: Gerd Altmann