Leading Change with Foresight for Growth

When we implement change programs, how often do we future-proof the change by exploring the future? Do the programs we put in place simply seek to change the past and present and how well does that set us up for an increasingly uncertain future characterised by exponential change?

In this episode of the podcast we explore the integration of foresight with a human-centric change approach to develop programs that help organisations design, create, and implement effective, future-fit change that focuses on people.

So, to discuss leading change with foresight, Change Consultant Jennifer Bryan and Futurist (and usual Informing Choices Mini-Pod host) Steve Wells consider:

  • Why do organisations need to take a different approach to change?
  • What are the critical components of a human-centric change approach?
  • How does foresight fit into the change process?  

You can listen to the podcast on YouTube by clicking below, or on the Anchor podcast platform

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