Informing Choices Mini-Pod - The Future of Continuous Change on Work

Even without the Covid19 pandemic, the world was undergoing complex changes that were drastically transforming the way businesses access and leverage the skills required for optimal business growth. Add to that underlying change the possible – some might say highly likely – rapid switch to technology enabled home, remote, and hybrid working and suddenly building and maintaining future-fit organisations becomes a crucial imperative.

Given this context of continuous change, what is the Future of Continuous Change on Work? To consider this question, I am joined on the podcast by future of work specialist Cathryn Barnard. Together, we explored:

  • How do continuous change and ambiguity shape how we plan for the future of work?
  • Continuous change is exhausting and yet, likely to be our reality for some time to come. What are the implications for how we work and stay in work?
  • How might work change in the future to accommodate the need to alleviate stress and the mental health implications of continuous change?

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Image Source: Gerd Altmann