Informing Choices Mini-Pod - The Future of Social Separation

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted social inequalities around the world and yet in some cases, national responses have also provided potential glimpses of how the gap might be narrowed.

Meanwhile, the question raised by Economist, Trend Analyst, and Futurist Bronwyn Williams in her contribution to the book, Aftershocks and Opportunities – Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future (Talwar, R., Wells, S., Whittington, A. Eds (2020). Aftershocks and Opportunities - Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future. London, UK: Fast Future) was, “Will 2020 be a great equaliser or a great divider?” 

So with 2020 as the baseline, Bronwyn joined me on the podcast to explore the Future of Social Separation by asking:

  • Does the evidence tell us that major crises exacerbate social and economic divide?
  • Might the pandemic accelerate the realignment of policy to protect the vulnerable first?
  • How does society enable a more human equitable future and what role could the UN SDGs play in securing that future?

You can listen to the podcast on You Tube by clicking below  or on the Anchor podcast platform here.

You can learn more about Bronwyn and her work by following her on Twitter @BronwynWilliams or by referring to the Flux Trends website

Image Source: Navaadih