Navigating the Future—Critical Questions

In Aftershocks and Opportunities 2 – Navigating the Next Horizon, editor and author Rohit Talwar explores 50 critical questions that organisations and individuals might ask themselves to help map a path to the future. In the book, Talwar describes seven domains covering the operating environment, economy, individuals and civil society, critical sectors, business and investment, politics and government, and science and technology.

Further analysis reveals three core themes; sustainability, resilient economies, and the geopolitical landscape. So what are the most critical questions that we should be asking ourselves at the global, organisational, and personal level in each of these three themes to help map a path to the future?

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LinkedIn: rohit-talwar-futurist-keynote-speaker
Twitter: @fastfuture

For information about the book “Aftershocks and Opportunities 2 – Navigating the Next Horizon” see the Fast Future website. 

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