The Future of Homes Through the 2020’s

In a famous and much quoted judicial decision from 1604, English judge and jurist Sir Edward Coke declared that, “The house of every one is to him as his Castle and Fortress as well for defence against injury and violence, as for his repose…” Whilst in 1604 Sir Edward was talking about strict limits on how Sheriffs may enter a person’s house in order to issue writs, perhaps it could also be a metaphor for how homes of the future may become a fortress against other invaders; infection for one.

Of course there are many trends and drivers that influence how our homes and home lives might change in the future, but given the additional impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on those trends, what might the future home look like by the end of the 2020’s?

To discuss the Future of Homes Through the 2020’s I am joined by futurist at Partners in Foresight Alex Whittington. Our discussion covers:

  • What are the critical triggers for the assertion that future homes will be different to the homes we have become used to?
  • In the current situation, it's easy to see how working and learning at home through multiple lockdowns has become a significant trend and how it alone might change our perspectives on what home is for. But what are the other underlying social, economic, sustainability, and technological drivers that might have changed how we thought about "home" anyway?
  • Where might we see re-purposing of non-residential buildings for use as homes?

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Image Source: Jurgen Weber