Informing Choices Mini-Pod - The Future of Recruitment

The dynamics of recruiting are changing, and changing fast. For tech-savvy recruiters, there’s a whole gamut of options: from automated applicant tracking systems, to video-based interview platforms, to gamified skills assessments, to simulations of on-the-job scenarios using virtual reality. All of which can take place in a remote environment.

The Covid pandemic has accelerated remote working and is likely to leave behind a more decentralised hybrid work model. Overlay that with the post-pandemic economic scenarios and we have an increasingly uncertain future environment. So what is the Future of Recruitment? 

To consider this question, explore how recruitment has recently evolved, how it looks set to change into the future, and explore the role technology might play, I am joined on the podcast by Human Resources Consultant, International Job Coach, and Mentor Ron Mayne.

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Image Source: Tumisu