Foresight Video Shorts 3

As countries all around the world work through the Covid-19 pandemic, we see trends accelerating as responses to the crisis create opportunities for change. Technology is a critical component of the change landscape of course and so it’s important to keep abreast of future ideas, developments, and scenarios especially as the world around us changes so fast and potentially so radically.

This week I am recommending five short videos from Futurism, Seeker, World Economic Forum, Mashable, and UNILAD Tech:  

1. Extended Reality (XR) for retail experiences via Futurism 

2. Progress with Computer Vision opens up new surveillance applications via Seeker 

3. AI gets more aggressive as it becomes more advanced via World Economic Forum 

4. This flying robot can transform its shape in mid-air via Mashable 

5. This little guy could one day be the ultimate robo-pet via UNILAD Tech 

Image Source: Hans Braxmeier /