Foresight Video Shorts 2

Rarely has our future felt so uncertain and complex and yet it’s because of that that it has never been so important to look to the future. Keeping abreast of future ideas, developments, and scenarios need not be a burden but it does help to open our minds to future possibilities.

This week I am recommending five short videos from and Digital Doctor, Digital Trends, Mashable, and World Economic Forum on Twitter:

1. Will humans keep getting smarter? (from 

2. Wirelessly charge everything in your room at once (from Digital Doctor) 

3. This robot will make you an omelette! (from Digital Trends) 

4. This super strong artificial muscle brings us closer to lifelike robots (from Mashable) 

5. Five astonishing statistics on World Oceans Day (from World Economic Forum) 

Image Source: Hans Braxmeier /