Foresight Video Shorts 15

In this latest instalment of our Foresight Video Shorts we look at the issue of cleaner air in our cities, desert farming, recycling coffee into …. coffee cups, converting brain signals into words, and electric aircraft from World Economic Forum, Mashable, and Digital Trends.

1.  Scientists have found a 'super plant' that absorbs pollution on roads. In just a week, a metre of cotoneaster cleans up 800km of car emissions. Via World Economic Forum. 

2.  This desert farm is harvesting food using nothing but sunlight and seawater. Via Mashable. 

3.  Goodbye used coffee grounds, hello reusable coffee cup. Via Mashable. 

4.  This man is able to communicate again using tech that translates brain signals into words. Via Mashable.  

5.  An electric aircraft is cool enough, but one made by Rolls-Royce? Talk about iconic. Via Digital Trends.  


Image Source: Hans Braxmeier /