Strategic Trends in Aviation

By Steve Wells, Rohit Talwar, and Alexandra Whittington

From the continued evolution in airframe design and new materials, to new engine and propulsion technologies, and the apparent demise of the jumbo jet as an air travel concept, thinking on aircraft manufacturing is in a renaissance phase. In this environment, the strategies and business models of manufacturers will increasingly be driven by how new technologies can provide additional opportunities to meet passenger and airline demands and continue to enhance the inflight experience.


These opportunities will continue to evolve to enable manufacturers to deliver and maintain aircraft in an increasingly connected, cost effective, and sustainability conscious manner. Here are some of the innovations taking place in aircraft technology and manufacture today, and the possible innovations of the next decade:

  • Growing Reliance on AI
  • Aircraft-as-a-Service
  • Personal Air Transportation
  • Folding Wings
  • Commercial Supersonic Services
  • Biofuels
  • Elimination of Turbulence and Noiseless Aviation
  • Development of Electric Planes
  • Capsules Transported by Carrier Aircraft

The future depends on the interactions between a variety of factors, from environment to consumer preferences, none of which we can actually predict. However, the amount of innovation and creativity now on display suggests that there is a renaissance of ideas which are defining the future of aviation technology. 

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